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At North End Teleservices we believe that we are only as good as the value we bring to you every single day.  The true measure of success goes far beyond that of service levels, handled times and abandoned rates.

Your Account Team, led by your Account Manager, serves as your partner, advocate, project manager, consultant, account analyst and chief innovator.  We see your contact center operations as you do – a business.  While other account managers deliver what is asked, ours take ownership and go above-and-beyond.

In focus, your Account Manager will ensure the Account Team is providing quality, service levels analytics and resulting business intelligence.  This means collaborating with you to identify the deeper and the more insightful measures of performance, which might include revenue, net promoter, issue avoidance, cost savings and cost avoidance.

Your Account Team is designed and tailored to meet your goals today and take you to the next level to achieve your vision for tomorrow.

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